Member Monday: A Little About Fall by Darbie Andrews

Welcome back to Member Monday.  It’s a pleasure to share a playful piece from Writers Forum member, Darbie Andrews.  Welcome, Darbie.

A Little About Fall

by Darbie Andrews

Oh, the battle between Summer and Fall!
Lingering hot summer days fight Fall’s need to pounce away the heat.
Fall tries with occasional cool winds and puffy white clouds, but summer fights back.
The short cool moment stolen…a tease.
Shorts and sandals fill the streets again, but sweatshirts and socks are nearby.
It’s nature’s menopause, Fall versus Summer.
Hot, cold, hot cold.
It doesn’t end with a wallop.
It’s gradual and fun to watch.
Fall takes over every year and forces Summer to leave and cry for Spring.
We carve happy faces in pumpkins, celebrating freedom from the hot flashes!
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