Writers Forum Scholarship Winner: Kayla Mitchel

We’re taking a break from the typical Member Monday to introduce you to Kayla Mitchel, our 2013 Writers Forum scholarship winner.  Here’s Kayla on school and her writing life.  Congratulations, Kayla! 

Kayla Mitchell-web“I am currently taking chemistry, calculus, philosophy, roots of contemporary issues, and a physics seminar. My favorite by far is philosophy; I love thinking and questioning, and that is exactly what that class is for. I am also excited for my physics seminar. Even though it is only once a week, we get to hear from many of the professors about their research. Every week it reminds me why I am so excited to go into astrophysics. There are actually a surprising number of astrophysics students at this school, so for once I am not the only one. The campus is beautiful, and while it may be one big hill, it sure has a great view from the top. The people here are very kind and open, as it is a fairly small town. All in all, I am glad I chose to come to Washington State University.
As far as my writing, the new environment has given me a lot of inspiration. Being outside has always made me content and thoughtful, and being here gives me more opportunities to simply go outside, sit under a tree in the shade, and write. I still attempt some poems, as I would love to improve on them, but mostly, as always, I write whatever is in my heart. With so many new faces, writing is familiar, and I can write anything I cannot yet say to the people I have met. I am hopeful that  I will form some long-lasting friendships here, perhaps some among the many aspiring astrophysicists I mentioned. But most of all, I am hopeful for the future in general. I believe I will learn a lot from not only my professors and classes but also from my friends, my surroundings, and maybe even myself. I know I want to be an astrophysicist, study the stars and how the universe works, and I really believe that this school is my next step. Who knows? I may even find myself among the stars. At this point, it feels like I can make my life whatever I want it to be.”

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One thought on “Writers Forum Scholarship Winner: Kayla Mitchel

  1. Sounds, er…reads as if we made a good choice. Good luck being a Cougar.
    Larry the President (there, that doesn’t sound TOO conceited, does it?)

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