July Call for Submissions: Summer

Thanks to all of the members who responded to the June Call for Submissions surrounding the theme “Fathers”.

We are now accepting submissions from Writers Forum members in good standing to be published in July.  The theme is “Summer”.  Poems, essays and fictional pieces are welcome.  Submissions should be 75-750 words, appropriate for all ages and error free.  Feel free to include a short bio, a headshot and links to your website, blog, etc.  Submissions may be posted on the Writers Forum website and/or the Writers Forum Newsletter.  Please email submissions to:


Thank you!

2 thoughts on “July Call for Submissions: Summer

  1. I’m new to this whole thing I was wondering if you had to be a before doig this and if I become a member and participate in this are there more guidelines somewhere that need to be followed. Also when does it need to be sent in by??
    Thank you,

    • Hi, Brittani,
      The Call for Submissions is for our Member Monday feature, wherein we feature the work of members in good standing (meaning members who are current with their dues). Submission guidelines can be found at the bottom of each Member Monday post. There are no firm deadlines because we accept submissions until we fill up the Monday slots for each month. Some months fill up quickly and others more slowly. There is still room in July if you’d like to become a member and submit a piece. For more information on becoming a member, click on the ‘Become A Member’ tab at the top of the site.
      Kind regards,
      Writers Forum Webmaster

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