Young Writers Contest Call for Submissions

Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine are pleased to partner together to publish young writers, artists and graphic designers.

Writers Forum and Enjoy Magazine announce a Call for Submissions for students in grades k-12. The theme is “A Lesson Learned.” Students are encouraged to submit an essay (150-300 words) or one piece of artwork based on this theme. One essay and one piece of artwork will be featured in the September issue of Enjoy Magazine. The winner and runners-up will be featured on the Writers Forum website/newsletter, and the Enjoy Magazine website. One high school student with an interest in graphic design will be chosen to work with the editor of Enjoy Magazine to design the layout of the page. Winners and runners-up will be notified via email.

Submission Guidelines:

1. The student must submit an application, a photograph of the student and one original essay (150-300 words) or original piece of artwork (painting, drawing or photograph) that exemplifies the theme “A Lesson Learned.”

2. Kindergarten-3rd grade students may submit handwritten or typed essays. 4th-12th grade students must submit typed essays.

3. Essay submissions and applications must be attached to an email and sent to Writers Forum at

4. Art submissions and applications must be attached to an email and sent to Enjoy Magazine at

5. High school students interested in designing the featured page must submit an application and a photograph of the student to Enjoy Magazine at

6. All applications and submissions must be received by June 1, 2013.

7. Students under the age of 18 must include a parent/guardian signature on the application.

Writers Forum members, please pass this along to educators and children in your life. We simply can’t wait to help children celebrate their love of the written word by publishing their original pieces!

Writers Forum members interested in helping read and select the winning piece should contact Writers Forum Director at Large, Alicia McCauley at

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