Member Monday: First Impressionist by Felicity Dippery

Welcome back to Member Monday!  Please join me in welcoming Writers Forum member Felicity Dippery.

First Impressionist

by Felicity Dippery

I want to sit in the corner,
and let the details of how people look
be the sum total of who they are.
Because I don’t know what color your eyes are,
or if you write with your right hand or your left.

Instead I know that your head turns away,
when you laugh, and in laughing, you speak,
and in speaking, the ghost of the boy you were
hums forth a slight impediment,
tongue at the back of your teeth.
You can’t help yourself.

I know this without wanting to.
Three times today, I kept myself
from reaching out, and touching hands
with who you used to be.

Felicity Dippery writes under the name D. T. Kastn, and her work has appeared in a number of publications, including Danse Macabre, Every Day Poets, Arcane, and the upcoming anthology Darque Fantastique. Her comedy/time-travel novel, Tendence and Cavile, was recently published by Leeftail Press, and she blogs about writing and being mildly obsessive at
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