Member Monday: I Wish the Company of a Little Girl I Lost Somewhere by Dale Angel

Welcome  back to Member Monday.  Today it’s my pleasure to share another piece by the lovely and talented Dale Angel.

I Wish the Company of a Little Girl I Lost Somewhere

by Dale Angel

I wish the company of a little girl I lost somewhere
Who picked flowers without stems… caught raindrops on her tongue
Tamed ladybugs as hand to hand they crawled
Reaching to touch the clouds became a dove
Almost catching shadows as they moved across the wall
Her world was real of pretend… where did I lose her?
I’m looking for you… can you hear my call?
When we were young and foolish and filled with mirth and glee
Distances and challenges were things we did not see
We pursued life as though a happy game
Not comprehending a future day… when we’d have to walk on the
Bridges we built as we played and played and played.
May I catch and hold the summers of my life
When the sun is at its peak
To warm me in the winter… to nourish my decline
May I wrap my memories about me to entertain my tomorrow
When I’m old and lonely and fragile as my world descends to night
May I store away for my future use … the priceless, exquisite
mornings of… my precious fleeting youth.

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