Member Monday: Nineteen On My Own by Triet Dinh Nguyen

In case you missed their pieces in our May newsletter, for the next two Mondays it’s my delight to introduce you to the two recipients of the Writers Forum Scholarship.    Our first scholarship recipient, Triet Dinh Nguyen, moved from Vietnam to the United States one year ago and is a recent graduate of Enterprise High School.  

Here’s what Triet’s teacher, Trent Copland, says about him: “He is a very, very deserving young student with a promising future made all the more so with the support of organizations such as the Writer’s Forum.”  Please be sure to take a moment to leave a comment or two for this up and coming writer after reading his poem.

Nineteen On My Own

By Triet Dinh Nguyen

At the age of nineteen l’m on my own
I must know where I’m going

If I plant good seed at nineteen
Success is what I’m sowing

At the age of nineteen I’m on my own

I have to be responsible for my show
Making good choices determines my fortune
Trading off decisions has to be soon

There is no such a thing as free lunch
Working must be a requirement
Salary for tuition fee and gasoline
Salary supports myself to make a scene

Although with lots of concerns
Don’t forget to be happy
Making friends, having parties
But always keep myself out of burn

Nineteen, the age of dynamic, the age of creativity
If I keep my head stay on still

If I keep my will firm as steel
Success in future myself will be.

 A Note from the Webmaster: Writers Forum has the author’s permission to publish this work. The author retains full copyright ownership and protection. This work may not be reproduced or used in any way without the permission of the author.  If you’re a member in good standing, please consider submitting a piece of your work to share.  Essays, poems, songs, articles and any other stand alone pieces are welcome.  To submit your piece, please e-mail it to webmaster, Alicia McCauley, at   Members featured here are guests in our Writers Forum house.  Treat them as such in the comments section and enjoy this beautiful thing we call writing.

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