A Message From the President: June 2012

I am so pleased with the Scholarship Committee’s choices for recipients of our two $500 awards. I had the opportunity to sit in on their process of selecting winners. I was present as an active participating observer (my words). And their final choices were fantastic. Rudi Yniguez is graduating from Shasta High, and Triet Dinh Nguyen from Enterprise.

I had the opportunity to speak to each of their English instructors. There was pride in their voices, and in their follow-on emails I could sense that it was not a momentary swelling of gladness. Triet’s teach is Trent Copland who has spent twenty-five years teaching English as a Second Language to refugees with up to one hundred spread out through five classes. These days he only has one class of five. To have one of those five win a scholarship…well, like I typed, “…it was not a momentary swelling…” Rudi has Shane Kikut as her instructor, and was he was similarly grateful.

You can read their submissions in the May newsletter or later this month as special Member Monday postings.

Meanwhile, I have been finding it tough to find my muse for writing. I really had to be kicked in the ass to get this out. I have recently been re-visiting 3 Word Wednesday where each week three words are posted, and peeps are encouraged to use them as prompts. Ranging from short stories to poems, my favorite challenge is to compose a single sentence that makes sense. Run by my buddy Thom G (who has carried it from Redding, to NYC, and now to Buffalo, Wyoming), it has a world-wide following.

There are other kick-in-the-butts too. One is Write On! Online that “brings community to writers throughout the world.” They have articles, reports, newsletters, and monthly goals that you set and report on progress. They also have a presence on Face Book (who doesn’t these days?).

What is your favorite online site for writing? Let me, er, us know, by leaving a comment.

Until then, I will keep turning over the stones looking for my muse.

Larry Watters,

Writers Forum President

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