Member Monday: Silent Rejoicing by Linda Boyden

Welcome back to Member Monday!  It’s my pleasure to share a beautiful piece by author and storyteller, Linda Boyden.  Linda’s celebrating National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day.  This particular poem was inspired by the line ” like flowers silently rejoicing” from Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn”.

Silent Rejoicing

Dandelions explode into yellow.
Bright cheery faces bloom
like the teardrops of the Sun
as she blesses,
caresses the morning.
Gardeners fuss and kill, but still,
countless blossoms
silently rejoice
the presence of spring.

To learn more about Linda Boyden or purchase her books, please visit her website.

Linda showcases her books at the 2011 Author's Fair.

A Note from the Webmaster: Writers Forum has the author’s permission to publish this work. The author retains full copyright ownership and protection. This work may not be reproduced or used in any way without the permission of the author.  If you’re a member in good standing, please consider submitting a piece of your work to share.  Essays, poems, songs, articles and any other stand alone pieces are welcome.  To submit your piece, please e-mail it to webmaster, Alicia McCauley, at   Members featured here are guests in our Writers Forum house.  Treat them as such in the comments section and enjoy this beautiful thing we call writing.

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