The Spontaneous Pen, April 2012

One jump line.  Ninety seconds to write.  Go!

This month’s jump line is:

After the storm…

Take 90 seconds to finish the jump line and then post your response in the comments section.  All online comments will be posted here.  Due to limited space only, selected responses will be published in next month’s newsletter.

5 thoughts on “The Spontaneous Pen, April 2012

  1. After the storm, I want it back. Sheets rustle up to my chin and I want to turn in on myself, blink it all away. It is too bright. I want the troubled wind back, casting its turbulence down to the ground. I want the weeping sky, the bruised clouds that press down upon the mountains. I want the bleak, the gray, and the hungry earth, taking it all in.

  2. After the storm, I can breathe again, feel your breath, stop the running Hail Marys and feel the warm return to my skin.

  3. After the storm, I took stock:
    six chickens, huddled under the porch table; two ducks, resting peacefully in a bush; three dogs – one trying to get into the house, one trying to hide with the chickens, and the third, eating hail; the cats, all sleeping in their beds; and one turtle, safe in his flower pot.
    Nothing fazes the turtle.

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