A Message from the President: April, 2012

“I am Larry. I was born. I went to school. Oh, and I was potty trained.” Boring, boring, boring! The March  workshop with Victoria Morse explained all the ins-and-outs of having a lively biography to hand down to your family. Or even get started small before you move on to Fame-and-Fortune and feel the need for EVERYONE to know all about you.

As you read this, it should not be too late to buy your tickets for our Scholarship Fundraiser Buyout of Lend Me a Tenor at the Riverfront Playhouse on April 11. At $20, it is a bargain for this Tony Award winning (non-musical) farce.  Contact me at writersforumpresident@gmail.com, mail your payments to PO Box492282, Redding, CA 96049-2282, confirm by phone at 515-4828 (message only), or contact Jennifer Levens at 722-0504. It is a finger-food potluck during the intermission, so your munchies are invited as well — and they don’t have to pay.

We held our Officer Elections last meeting. Congrats to our new officers Jennifer Higley, Membership; Kailey O’Connor, Editor; returning officers Sharon Owen, Program Chair; Jennifer Levens, Treasurer; Darbie Andrews, Secretary; Laura Hernandez, Director at Large; Alicia McCauley, Director at Large; and a special shout out to Ed Sulpice, who during the break approached me and volunteered his time as our third Director at Large, soon to be filling the shoes of our last Director at Extra-Large, Steve Brewer (Ed pointed out that he is up to filling a slot of Director at Extra-Extra Large, an appointment to be confirmed at the next board meeting). Thanks to the outgoing officers, Jenifer Phelps and Ron Sutton. We still have an opening for Vice President, so don’t be surprised if we hit you up at your street corner.

Now on to other things…

We all know that writers are a creative lot. Some share their multiple gifts with music; others by acting. My favorite multi-talented, many-fingers-in-many-pies creative person is Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin whose in-public start was shticks with an arrow-through-his-head prop before he moved on to host Saturday Night Live so many times. A multiple Grammy winning comedian and banjoist, an actor and master juggler, Emmy Award winning comedy writer, Academy Award nominated screen and accomplished stage playwright (no Tonys…yet), and author of fiction and non-fiction books, Martin is one not to be left behind by technology as he Tweets and Blogs (the topic of our April 14th meeting).

Now, to quote Martin, “Well, excuseeee me!!!” while return to what I was doing. See ya April 11 at the play and April 14th at the meeting.

Larry Watters,


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