Write Your Own Biography with Victoria Morse

Many thanks to Dr. Victoria Morse for being our featured speaker at our March Writers Forum meeting. I left the meeting with scads of great writing starts and ideas for many more pieces to add to my story.

From writing our first memories to composing six word autobiographies, we spent the morning embracing our stories and getting acquainted with ourselves. With each person who shared out, I was humbled to be in the presence of such skilled writers, writers who craft words that one moment make a lump bob in my throat and the next moment dislodge that lump by causing me to chuckle. It was great seeing so many new faces in addition to the familiar faces I’ve come to know and love. Here are some snapshots from the day.

Dr. Victoria Morse compelled attendees to get acquainted with themselves by writing about first memories, family members and the special bonds we share with our parents or grandparents.

It's always a pleasure to see Writers Forum charter members like John Lawson.

Ed Sulpice takes a few minutes to write a childhood memory.

Renee had us all giggling as she recounted her earliest childhood memory of eating leaves.

Writers Forum guest, Nancy Byrne, shared a touching tribute to her father.

Writers Forum newsletter editor, Kailey O’Connor, puts her thoughts to paper.

Author Edna Eades shared a tragic childhood tale of accidentally damaging a library book.

Ellie Hagstrom wrote about a 'deer' childhood friend.

Children's author, Linda Boyden, reads about a dream she refuses to let die.

Victoria Morse is currently teaching a class, Write Your Own Biography. It began on Monday, March 5 and runs through April 2 at 6:00 p.m. in Redding Library. Sign-ups are taken through Redding Recreation at 225-4095. The cost is $31.

For now, I leave you with Victoria’s closing words.

Write On…

You are worthy. You have been given the grace to touch other people’s lives. Your very breath has made a difference in our world’s make-up. Write as though you have a message to share with posterity; because you do! Whether to many or a certain one, in their eyes you are a light. Know this. You and your story are of inestimable value. Continue always to write as the Spirit moves you.

Looking forward to seeing you at our April meeting!


Alicia McCauley,

Webmaster & Director at Large

A Message from the President: March, 2012

If you are a person who keeps these newsletters on hand for years and years, and if you were to drag it out in ten or fifteen years, please reread my predictions:

  • Reddingwood is thriving.
  • Walk-of-Fame has thirty-seven stars in front of the Cascade Theatre.
  • Reddingwood sign has letters that stand twenty-two feet high and is on the bluff above the Sundial Bridge.
  • Renamed Reddingwood Boulevard is the place to be on Friday night.
  • Clarity Entertainment Inc. has won seventeen Oscars since building its studio complex on three-and-a-half lots totaling more than 77 acres at Stillwater Park.

These and more imaginative predictions came to me, and maybe others, during our Screenwriting Basics presentation by George Winship and Sharon Owen last month, which included a Q&A with Steve Durkee of Clarity. While we are writers at heart, and have several in our midst who excel in screenwriting, it didn’t stop many of us from catching “Audition Fever” the following Saturday at Redding School of Arts as more than 1200 people of all ages auditioned for a film that was scheduled to start shooting in August. Visit redding.com/news/2012/feb/18/film-company-conducts-local-audition/ for more of the story.

Meanwhile, waiting in the wings, our new website is close, if it hasn’t been made public yet, to being unveiled. With a new name, Redding Writers Forum, it should be easier to keep you updated on upcoming and past events with articles and photos, submitted writings (look for Member Monday which posts work of our members), Board of Directors activity, etc. Powered by Word Press, it is formatted like a blog with multiple pages. Subscribing to it is easy and any updates and new postings will be emailed if you so choose.  Our new Webmaster, Director at Large Alicia McCauley, is doing a bang-up job, catching the enthusiasm of her first grade students for projects. Her bio includes this “…Throughout her childhood Alicia won awards for her truly magnificent poetry.  She’s since stopped torturing people with bad poetry and instead spends her free time trying not to crash while endurance cycling.  Alicia is published in the anthology What Teaching Means: Stories from America’s Classrooms and is a featured blogger for A News Cafe.  You can read more about her life as a teacher, writer and cyclist at her blog pedalsandpencils.com.”

Larry Watters,


The Spontaneous Pen, March 2012

 One jump line.  Ninety seconds to write.  Go!

This month’s jump line is:

I wish…

  • I wish to mix a formula that everyone could taste where instantly the heart perceives, the ruthless pursuit of pointless wars are mankind’s senseless waste. -Dale Angel
  • I wish and blow the dandelion seeds into the breeze.  I watch their parachutes carry them into the blue and I remember days of picking fistfuls of dandelion puffballs for my mother.  She said they were beautiful and placed them in vases around the house.  She always had a way of seeing flowers instead of weeds. -Alicia McCauley
  • I wish you could see me now! You’d laugh right along with me! You always said I’d be able to laugh at anything and make something funny outta nuthin’! -Laura Hernandez

Take 90 seconds to finish the jump line and then post your response in the comments section.  All online comments will be posted here.  Due to limited space only, selected responses will be published in next month’s newsletter.

All About Books Welcomes Local Authors


Richard Lucas, owner of All About Books, will proudly continue to feature local authors at the new location, 1301 Court Street.  All About Books showcases an entire section devoted to the published works of local authors.

All About Books will now be a part of Second Saturday Art Night on the second Saturday of each month.  They’re looking for local authors to read and sign books during Second Saturday Art Night.  Authors wishing to participate would need to be in attendance from 6-9pm.  If interested, please contact Richard Lucas ASAP, as spaces are limited.

Richard Lucas, All About Books

(530) 605-4848

Thank you, Richard and All About Books, for your continued support of local authors!

Write Your Own Biography Workshop with Dr. Victoria Morse

At our March meeting*, author and lecturer Dr. Victoria Morse will present a workshop on how to write your own biography. Attendees will want to bring pen and paper for segments of writing and sharing.

Here’s what Dr. Morse has to say about writing an autobiography:  “Even our fiction writing may include some memory or assorted combined memories that we draw from real life experience. It is well to acknowledge the value of writing one’s memoirs, perhaps during barren pauses when creative juices need a catalyst to be revitalized. By tapping in to reveal some of our past, inextricably we come to know ourselves more intimately. The common theme is to leave something of our life and thoughts for our children and grandchildren who may not know the history of the family tree. More than this, we are honing the writing skills and searching for fresh ways to rediscover our own purpose.”

Dr. Morse teaches classes on writing biographies, and lectures on a variety of topics. She has written The Handbook for Happy Living and Glimpse of Light, among other titles.  Her upcoming class, Write Your Own Biographystarts Monday, March 5 and runs through April 2 at 6:00 p.m. in Redding Library. Sign-ups are taken through Redding Recreation at 225-4095. The cost for five weeks is $31.

We look forward to seeing you at our March meeting!

*Monthly meetings are held on the second Saturday of the month from 10:30 am-12:30 pm in at All Saints Episcopal Church in the Memorial Hall.  Doors open at 10:00am and the meeting begins promptly at 10:30am.  All Saints Episcopal Church is located at 2150 Benton Drive, Redding, CA.  For more details about monthly featured programs and other Writers Forum events, please visit our Calendar Page.