The Spontaneous Pen: November, 2011

One jump line.  Ninety seconds to write.  Go!

This months jump line is:

In the heart of Winter…

  • “In the heart of Winter, when the temperature drops to below freezing and stays that way for weeks on end, when the sun follows a lower path across the sky, when the wind finds its heavy breath and blows blizzards around us, then comes that gleaming time of decorated trees and turkeys roasting and pies and presents and family all together, when the whole of Winter spirals down around this one glorious time, “Christmas!” – Leona Webb
  • In the heart of winter, my heart and soul were as chilled as the heavy frost bending the branches of the trees outside my window. The sad posture of the evergreens reflected the sorrow I felt, looking at the note in my hand which had confirmed my worst fears.” – Chloe Winston

Take 90 seconds to finish the jump line and then post your response in the comments section.  All online comments will be posted here.  Due to limited space only, selected responses will be published in next month’s newsletter.

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