The Spontaneous Pen: September, 2011

One jump line.  Ninety seconds to write.  Go!

This months jump line is:

I wish I could remember…

  • “I wish I could remember where I left my glasses.  How am I supposed to be a prolific, witty writer and amaze the world with my intellgence and charm when I can’t even see the keyboard?” – Leona Webb  
  • I wish I could remember what that cereal was that my mother used to cook over the fireplace when the electricity went out and there was no other heat in the house. It had a nutty flavor and the cream from the milk bottle and a touch of sugar made the rest of the day wonderful; or was that because school was canceled on account of snow?” – Jennifer Levens
  • I wish I could remember my grandmother’s scent, the perfect combination of Oil of Olay and grace. The day before she died, I leaned down to kiss her forehead and inhaled deeply, trying to hold onto her scent, trying to hold onto her.  She slipped away from me while I slept in her house and the next morning I dressed in her sweater, wrapped myself in her scent. Now that sweater only smells like the back of my closet, but every once in awhile she comes to me in dreams and when I wake up I swear I catch the faintest hint of Oil of Olay and maybe even a little grace.” – Alicia McCauley
  • In the dark, I let the rainbow effects play around the streetlight, as the light rays spilled like water. I loosened my focus, and I felt a sparkling effervescence of being. For a moment, I felt, as if I saw beyond. And, I was enthralled by it.” – Kathleen M. Griffin
  • In the dark, the deepest kind, moonless and shuttered, and thickly curtained, she comes to me.  In that black time our senses rise like two desperately blind souls with only hands to speak and only taste to hear.  And there, wonderfully, we make a choir and a symphony for us alone, and we pretend even God can’t see.”  – David Zobel
  • “I wish I could remember …his name.  He was so much fun that summer.  I remember his kisses, so deep I felt like I went unconscious in them.  I remember the feeling of sand in my bathing suit and not caring very much.  I remember he had blonde hair, and I remember his full biceps and his strong tummy against mine.  I just wish I could remember his name.” – Anonymous
  • I wish I could remember more moments of wonderment from my childhood because when I watch my son express his pure joy about new discoveries my heart sings.” – Darbie Andrews
  • I wish I could remember a time when she loved me. No, really. A time when I was the world to her, but it was not meant to be. I came from her deformed. I almost killed her. And at times, I wish I had.” – Linda Boyden

Take 90 seconds to finish the jump line and then post your response in the comments section.  All online comments will be posted here.  Due to limited space only, selected responses will be published in next month’s newsletter.

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